Type of event: construction

Wynyard Region:
Hwy 15 - 17.8 km west of Jct Hwy 2 to 29 km East of Jct Kenaston

Surface breaks, Rough, Loose stones, Maintenance to be performed 24 hours a day.
starting 2017-05-08

Additional Info/ Detours
Please be aware that from approx 4kms west of Jct 2 continuously for 16 kms, Hwy 15 is heavy gravel. Reduce speed and proceed with caution.

Regina Region:
Hwy 15 - 8 km west of Raymore to 1.5 km east of Jct Hwy 20

Under Construction
Watch for equipment and persons working, adjacent to road, Flagpersons in attendance, Be prepared to stop, Reduced speed limit in effect: 60km/h
2019-02-15 to 2019-05-24

Additional Info/ Detours
Culvert installations at multiple locations. Workers and equipment present during daylight hours.