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Ferry Crossings

The status for all Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure ferry crossings are given below. The Riverhurst ferry operates 24 hours; it leaves the west shore on the 1/2 hour and the east shore on the hour. All ferries except the Wollaston Lake Barge are FREE.

Ice thickness at closed ferry crossings is NOT monitored by the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure. Driving across the ice at a closed ferry crossing is extremely dangerous and not recommended. Any person using a closed ferry crossing uses it at his or her own risk.

FerryStatusWeight RestrictionLast Update
Riverhurst Ferry closed for repair- 2021-10-22 19:18
Estuary Ferry light loads only 4000 kg 2021-09-20 08:45
Clarkboro Ferry medium loads only 20000 kg 2021-04-20 07:00
St. Laurent Ferry light loads only 10000 kg 2021-04-29 13:52
Hague Ferry light loads only 6000 kg 2021-04-21 15:30
Lemsford Ferry closed for season- 2021-10-15 14:42
Paynton Ferry open for normal operations- 2021-09-30 15:00
Lancer Ferry open for normal operations- 2021-10-11 11:30
Cecil Ferry open for normal operations- 2021-09-21 22:07
Weldon Ferry open for normal operations- 2021-09-06 07:02
Fenton Ferry open for normal operations- 2021-09-13 09:26
Wingard Ferry light loads only 12000 kg 2021-09-29 15:05
Wollaston Lake Barge open for normal operations- 2021-07-05 16:01